A Morning Routine for Writers

How I read about writing and get inspired to write

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

I write my blogs first thing in the morning. I’ve tried writing them at different times during the day, and the morning works best for me. I also found that it’s a great way to start the day because I begin by reading about writing.

I have subscriptions to various writing magazines, such as The Writer. For many reasons, I enjoy physical magazines much more than online articles. One reason is that I keep them and often go back and reread or refer to my favorite articles. When I wake up each morning, I read either articles from my magazines or a chapter of a book on writing.

My hope is that by reading about writing, I’ll be inspired to write about the topic I read or that it will spark a different idea. Today, as a matter of fact, the thought I had as I read a personal story about how family affects a writer’s life was how much I loved reading about writing in the morning and how it sets my day up in a positive way and inspires me to write.

I decided to share this morning routine with you in this blog

Priming your mind

Reading about writing primes the mind to begin working. I didn’t wake up knowing what I wanted to blog about, but as I read my magazine, the idea came to me because reading about writing made me think about writing.

Family isn’t the only thing that affects a writer’s life; what writers read and listen to, especially the first thing in the morning affects their thinking and their day as well. The more I read the article about the effect of family (what our inlaws think about our writing, the time household chores steal from our work time, etc.) on our writing, the more I thought about how everything affects our mindset and work. A routine, therefore, that provides encouragement or teaches us something new about craft is not only a good idea but crucial for our success as writers.

I can personally attest to the benefits of reading about writing for just a few minutes daily. Since I started blogging first thing in the morning and decided to start the day by reading someone else’s thoughts on the topic of being a writer, I’ve become more focused on my work. The act of reading writing-related…