Embrace Uncertainty and Write Your Best Book

Last year was my 30th anniversary. Yes, I got married when I was a baby. My husband and I planned this amazing trip to Italy. I worked like crazy picking up extra classes at the university to pay for the tour.

Then, as we know, the world closed down. The trip was canceled. It was postponed until this year. As we approach the summer, it’s still unclear if Europe will open back up, what the conditions will be like and what the requirements will be for travel.

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So, my plans for this summer are even more muddied than last year. It was around May that they cancelled our trip last year, and I’m wondering if they are going to do the same this year.

Photo by Mathew Schwartz on Unsplash

Uncertainty is a part of life. It’s difficult to avoid. As writers, we should come to expect that uncertainty is really part of our lives. We don’t know if our book will sell to a publishing house. We might not know enough about self-publishing to do it ourselves. We don’t know if readers will like our book. We don’t know if we’ll be able to reach our readers and sell our books.

The only real way to deal with uncertainty is to invite it to be part of our life and accept it.

I can’t control if my trip to Italy will go as planned or not. So, I choose not to stress about it. I have contingency plans if it doesn’t happen.

The same for writing. I don’t have control over readers or publishers. I do have control over creating the most amazing story possible. This is what I focus on.

My suggestion is to use uncertainty for your benefit rather than letting it paralyze you. What do I mean?

Last year we all had losses. Vacations, jobs, family get-together were all suddenly canceled, and it was difficult to adjust for many of us. But I know many people took the time to finally do things that would improve their lives.