How Many Ways Can You Choose to be Thankful

Choose to be Thankful Even About the “Bad Stuff”

Happy Thanksgiving, Medium friends!

Many of you may be busy cooking and preparing to spend time with family and friends today if you live in the U.S. Or you may be spending Thanksgiving on your own missing those you love.

Either way, I do hope you take a moment to think about what you are grateful for in your life. For many people last year was a tough year, and this year continues to be a challenge. If you are a writer, you may have wanted to start a novel or larger writing project, but you didn’t because you didn’t have the energy or motivation.

Being Thankful Even When You Think You Can’t

It’s easy to focus on the negative and the obstacles that stand in our way. It’s a lot more difficult to be grateful for those challenges and move forward anyway.

I’d like to encourage those of you who feel demoralized, tired, or who are unsure if writing is “getting you anywhere” to rethink everything connected to writing. What is your goal? Why are you writing? What are these challenges teaching you? And be grateful for the opportunity to learn and the change and move in a new direction if needed.

I’m grateful that I forced myself to focus on my novel and that it was published in 2021. I have a list of all the challenges I had to go through to make that happen, and challenges remain in letting readers know the book is available. But I’m grateful for those too hurdles too. They teach me how to become a better businessperson, and not to attach myself to the outcome of one book. I’m grateful that I can write another book that may reach readers in a different way than this one has.

I lost my uncle at the end of 2020, and it was incredibly sad and emotional. He lives in Argentina, so the distance made it even worse since it was impossible to attend a funeral to celebrate his life. But I’m grateful that because of this, I spoke with my cousin whom I rarely talk to. I’m grateful that I traveled to Argentina in 2017 and got to see my uncle one more time and tell him how much he meant to me.