How to Use Determination, Not Motivation to Write Your Book

One Will Help You Write Your Book and One Will Not

“The difference between successful people and unsuccessful people is not motivation. Motivation is unpredictable and unreliable. It is easy to be motivated when you’ve stared something new and exciting, but when the excitement wears off so does the motivation, and lack of motivation becomes an excuse for inaction.” ~ Chris Wark, author of Chris Beat Cancer

Anyone who wants to write a book knows that a variety of emotions accompany that desire. Excitement. Anxiety or fear. Anticipation. Dread. Emotions can bounce back and forth between being super happy to fearful that you’re making a big mistake and wasting your time.

But no matter the emotion, what usually accompanies those emotions is motivation. Writers who decide to finally write a book are motivated to begin a novel they’ve always wanted to write perhaps because they want to release that story and express a part of themselves. Or a writer might decide that writing a book could support his business and be motivated by extrinsic or an outside goal to further his business and finances.

And we need that motivation whether its internal or external because it gets us to begin something. When we’re motivated, we change our behavior and take steps to make our goal a reality.

The problem with motivation, as the quote from Chris Wark states, it that often it does not last. When life happens and we are presented with obstacles, we often give up or back down. Of course, it depends on how strong the motivation is. You have to ask yourself, what is motivating you to get your story written? How strong is my desire to hold my own book in my hands?

What Chris Wark also says is, “What keeps people going when their motivation is low is determination. Determination is the force inside you that cannot be stopped, when the storms of life come against you. Determination is doing what you know needs to be done, whether or not you feel like it at the…



Julia Amante - Fiction author, Speaker, Mentor.