Keep Writing with Passion

Inspire others with what you love

Photo by Etienne Boulanger on Unsplash

As we come to the end of the year, I’m looking forward and wondering what I should write about next year. Should I expand my “how to write” blogs and delve into other topics? Should I stick to what I know and feel comfortable sharing or move beyond my comfort zone? I don’t know. The thought goes through my head that after two years of sharing writing tips, I might not have anything new or interesting to share. But then the doubt passes because I’m crazy enough to think I can talk and write about writing forever. It’s that interesting to me.

And I do think that we should all feel that way about our writing. Even if others don’t agree or like it or find it interesting, it should be fascinating to you if you plan to write about it.

Have you even had an experience of speaking to someone about a topic they are passionate about and you’re not, and yet, you can’t stop listening to them? They are so into it and so excited and you can’t figure out why. That has happened to me a few times when speaking to gamers or Anime enthusiasts at Comicon. I nod and smile and try to understand why they are spending so much money on collectible toys, and I honestly don’t get it.

But what I do get is the passion. And that is what captures my attention and what I like about them. I may not understand the hobby or interest, but I understand the passion. It’s addictive and attractive to others who see it in another person.

Passion connects you to others

The reason readers respond so well to a passionately written topic or novel is the same reason humans respond to anyone who is passionate about anything — we feel the authenticity and honesty coming from the writer. The writer is being himself and that may mean being vulnerable by sharing something that is important to him. This writer isn’t writing to become popular or rich or to fit in with others; this writer is sharing a part of himself. Readers respond to his. I responded to the fanatical gamers at Comicon with a smile because though I didn’t understand their interest, I admired their passion, their love for a specific activity, and their ability to talk about it with enthusiasm.