Know When To Give Up And Have a Margarita

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My husband bought me a little plaque a couple of years ago with the saying in the above title. It’s one of those wooden block looking decorations. It’s green and it has a margarita with an umbrella beside the block letters. I laughed because I do like Margaritas; the strawberry is my favorite. But the meaning behind the quote is deeper than it sounds.

All of us, whether we’re writers or not, need to chill now and then.

I’m a heavily driven person. My idea of fun is working eighteen-hour days. Teaching, writing, cooking, gardening, going to the pool to swim, walking the dogs, reading books to learn something new. I’m constantly on. I don’t slow down.

Mostly, that’s a good thing. I get a lot done. How else can a person teach full time, write full time and run a business without putting a lot of hours? But working until you crash at the end of the day isn’t always good. This was probably why my husband bought me the plaque. It was his way of saying that everyone needs a day or a few hours off.

This weekend has been my typical work all day and night weekend, but tonight I told my husband I was ready for a margarita. He smiled got ready to go to our favorite Mexican restaurant.

I bring this up on today’s blog because I also received terrible, heart-breaking news this weekend, and have tried to work through the bad news. Sometimes there is nothing we can do when life knocks us over the head with something unexpected. We are all experiencing this on some level these days, so many of you understand what I’m saying.

We move forward as much as we can because we have to, because we have obligations, but it can feel like trudging through thick mud when our problems become too heavy. So, taking that time to stop and have a margarita or a massage or maybe even sleeping is important to recharge.

I tell writers all the time to work through being tired through time crunches because if you don’t you will never get anything written. And that’s true. However, when you need to take that break, do it. The writing and the work will be there waiting for you when you return.

For me, tonight, a margarita and dinner with my family felt wonderful. Tomorrow will be another power day and night and I will be ready to take on the world. But not tonight.

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Julia Amante

Julia Amante

Women’s Fiction author of That Was Then, Say You’ll Be Mine, and Evenings at the Argentine Club. Speaker and and teacher.