Reasons Why Writing a Book Can Advance Your Career

Why Writing a Book Gives You an Advantage

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In the last twenty years, I’ve been to countless book events. Some were simple book signing events at bookstores to meet readers and sign my new release. But others have ranged from luncheons for 25 to 150 people where I spoke as part of a panel to massive events like the L.A. Times Festival of books which at the time was held at UCLA and had publishers, and authors, and book sellers and multiple presentations going on at once.

So, I’m used to being around people who write books. In my world, it seems like everyone has written their own book. This is obviously not the case.

But one year, I went with my husband to one of his one-day monthly business meetings that used to be held in Manhattan Beach. At the time, we didn’t have kids, so I’d go with him, we’d get a hotel for the night, so that he could get up early and walk down to the conference room. I’d stay in the room and write, then go shopping or go for a swim. Mostly, I’d hang out.

At dinner, he shared all the exciting information he learned from the guest speakers. These were all financial planners so the speakers spoke about topics that could help these professionals understand their products better, run their business more efficiently, etc.

But on this one night, my husband told me about one speaker he was impressed with. He’d shared valuable information with the audience and really understood the business and how to best help clients who wanted to invest and build a strong portfolio, and so on. He was fabulous.

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Then there was another speaker who didn’t talk about the investment side at all. He spoke about body language and what turned off clients and what made clients more interested in working with a particular financial planner. Apparently, there were many psychological techniques that were noteworthy, but in my husband’s opinion, much of it had nothing to do with actually serving his clients.

The audience, however, loved this guy. After he finished speaking, everyone wanted to talk to him…



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