Tips for Developing a Reading Habit

It’s Friday night and I’m almost finished working for the day, and I’m considering what I want read. I currently have four books going. One is a women’s fiction, another is a book on becoming a better business person, the third is on increasing traffic to my sites, and the last is a book on living an enriching life.

They are all so different that I can read all of them at the same time. I don’t know if this is a smart idea since it takes me longer to finish reading all four book than if I just read one at a time, but this seems to work for me.

Have you developed a reading habit?

Our of all the habits to have, this is one of the healthiest and most rewarding. As writers, we benefit from reading widely and extensively. Not only do we gain more knowledge which as a writer is great to have, but reading, especially within our genre helps us to stay up to date with what is being published and to improve our own skills.

Build Your Reading Habit

If you haven’t made reading a habit yet, that’s okay, you can begin now. Habits are easy to form if you do them consistently. At first any new routine takes time to establish as you get used to doing something new. It doesn’t matter if it’s going for a walk in the morning or drinking more water, reading, when you begin you’ll feel some resistance. You’ll come up with excuses about why you can’t do it. You’re too tired. You have work to do. Your spouse wants the lights our as you just settled into bed with your book. But if you consistently resist giving in to these excuses, you’ll find that after a while, you’ll automatically pick up the book and begin reading.

I read every night in bed before I go to sleep. I can’t fall asleep without reading, even if I’m exhausted. My mind knows that there’s something missing.

So, if you’re ready to develop this wonderful new habit and you’re excited, what is the best way to begin?

Steps to Begin

1. Pull out the books you’d like to read this year. Or go shopping and buy a few books. Choose books that really excite you as you begin this habit. Don’t choose books you think you should read, like classics. Leave those for later when your habit is well established. You…