Why You Benefit from the Constantly Changing Writing and Publishing Landscape

This Means There is Always an Opportunity to Start Again

Most of my stories are about second chances. Second chances to fall in love with a first love. Second chances to fix that relationship with a family member. Second chances to fix a major mistake that derailed us from our path. Thankfully, life gives us many second, third, fourth chances and more to get things right. And lucky for us that it does because we all need the opportunity to try again.

The nice thing about being a writer is that our industry is always in a state of flux. What was true fifteen, ten, or even five years ago is not no longer true. This makes it possible for writers to try new things, like a change in genre, move from traditionally published to self-published, write online, or even write fan fiction. Fan fiction didn’t exist when I started writing, but it’s great to practice your writing skills.

Does Starting Over Mean You Have to Begin Again?

Photo by Jukan Tateisi on Unsplash

The beauty of beginning again is that you are not starting with zero experience. If I chose to change genres now after years of writing women’s fiction, I would bring with me all my experience in writing for readers, in how to publish, in how to market my books. I’d have the benefit my past to help move me forward faster.

So, although it can be scary to start again, it will not be like it was when you just began your writing journey. When I moved from traditional publishing to self-publishing, I already know so much. Yes, there were new skills I had to develop. I had to learn about aggregators to distribute my ebooks, I had to learn about the various formatting and typesetting options, but I didn’t have to learn about marketing for example, because I’d spent years doing that already.

Beginning Again Can Be Fun

It’s also exciting to start something new as a writer whether it’s a new novel, a new article, or building your own publishing company.