Writing Can Be Bad for Your Health

So Add a Little Exercise to Your Writing Routine

Photo by Maryjoy Caballero on Unsplash

If you spend a lot of time writing — sitting at your computer, you’ve probably felt the body aches that come from prolonged sitting. Writing keeps you in a same position with your arms bent at the same angle, your head and neck in the same position, and all that creates muscle tension. If you have another job that also requires you to sit or drive long distances to get to work, that only adds to the time you’re sitting.

To combat that strain on your body, it’s a good idea to move around as much as you can.

I read an interesting article in a writer magazine years ago about creating a writing circuit. It doesn’t seem as popular now, but for a while, all the gyms had workout circuits where you performed certain exercises for a couple of minutes, then moved to the next machine to work out a different part of your body, then on to the next machine, and so on. The benefits of these type of workouts were and are that you build muscular endurance while at the same time getting a full body workout and doing some cardio as well. It could be done quickly, and it was fun.

The Writing Circuit

Using that same idea to include writing in the circuit seemed interesting to me. The article I read suggested…