Writing Changes in 2023

Let’s get started

Photo by Matthew Sleeper on Unsplash

Here we are in the first week of the new year, so what will change?

How will the publishing industry change in 2023?

What writing opportunities will you create?

How will technology make writing more difficult or easier for us?

Most importantly, what will you change in your life to make your writing dreams a reality?

Your writing dream first

I find that no matter what is going on outside — in publishing, in the community, in the country or world, what matters most is what you do in your own life. Changes that you make to your writing schedule or to the type of writing you create is what will impact your career most. Taking control of your career makes all the difference in the success you will have as a writer. And taking control means consciously choosing to make the changes necessary to get your writing project finished.

Last year, I decided to change the type of writing I have been known for in the last fifteen years. I did this once before when I moved from romance and chick-lit to women’s fiction. It was a smooth transition because women’s fiction shares many similarities with romance. Women’s fiction is about relationships, sometimes romantic relationships and sometimes not, but the plot topics tend to delve into deeper issues. Still, the jump from romance to women’s fiction was not huge.

But last year, I decided to write a different type of book that is more mainstream and does not guarantee a happy ending. This was a change I was ready to make, and that I felt was needed to help my career grow.

You also can make major changes that reinvents who you are as a writer, or you might want to tweak your writing just a little to reach more of your audience or to strengthen your brand. You might want to make changes that give you more time to write, maybe changes in what you focus on. You might choose to make changes to improve your writing like attend a writer’s conference or read a few books on writing.

Think about what hasn’t been working in the past and what changes you need to make this year to move forward. Then commit to the steps needed to create the change.