Writing Your Author Bio

Tell us who you are

Whether you want to be a novelist, a journalist, a blogger, or an artist or speaker of any type, you will at some point be asked to submit a short or long bio of yourself.

My Medium bio is honestly uninspiring, and I’ve been thinking of changing it and depending on when you’re reading this, I may have already changed it (thus this post). This is it: Women’s Fiction author of That Was Then, Say You’ll Be Mine, and Evenings at the Argentine Club. Speaker and teacher. https://www.facebook.com/juliaamante/

This is okay for my author website or maybe social media pages, but not for what I’m doing on Medium. And this is what I want to address today. There are no right or wrong bios, just appropriate and inappropriate for what you need to accomplish.

You should craft a different biography for each of your sites and for each situation. If I’m asked to speak at an event, let’s say at a businesswomen’s organization, I would not want the Medium short bio, even if they asked for a short bio. I would want to say something about my business background as a publisher and professor of business writing. However, if I were to speak at a writer’s conference, then yes, I’d want to mention my accomplishments as a writer.

The audience wants to know why they should listen to you or read your work. They are interested in what you can offer them, and your bio helps to give them a clue or small piece of the puzzle.

Your bio should tell the reader who you are, what you do (write), your interests, your accomplishments and background, and how to contact you, though not every version of your bio has to include all of that information.

Something else that a bio should accomplish, especially longer ones are to set the tone demonstrating the type of writer you are by revealing your personality or voice. A serious journalist will not want a cutsie bio that mentions writing with his favorite cat on his lap. He might focus on his awards and degrees from prestigious colleges, for example.


On Bookbub in 2020, Diana Urban shared a list of author bios that she liked and stated why. It might be a good idea to look at these examples. Her list includes mostly best-selling authors, but it is still helpful to all writers.

Tucker Max of Scribe Media, also shares some examples of good and bad bios and explains why they…